People of Colour for NVC (POC4NVC) Retreat image

People of Colour for NVC (POC4NVC) Retreat

We are creating a space for healing, learning, and amplifying the perspectives and leadership of people colour in a 6 day international, in person retreat. near Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. With future retreats to come

$390 raised

$10,000 goal

/ 150


We are raising funds to support and grow a warm and welcoming community for people of colour in NVC.

Our Purpose?

To Heal, To Connect, and To Amplify the Perspectives and Leadership of People of Colour in NVC

Who's it for?

The POC4NVC retreat is designed for practitioners of NVC who identify as people of colour and who have demonstrated or are interested in stepping into leadership in sharing NVC.

This is a small gathering with 20 spots available.

What you can expect

An exploration into what it means to decolonize NVC and evolve the thought leadership around examining the work, through a systemic lens.

A focus, also, on healing practices for us in racialized bodies, and to simply connect with each other for support.