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Safer Communities Project

Your donation makes it possible for incarcerated people to build successful, nonviolent lives.

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Help us to continue to teach NVC during the pandemic and offer a lifeline to our incarcerated students.

Safer Communities is volunteer-driven, but we need funds to cover materials like paper and photocopies, postage, project administration costs, and educational skill building for our teachers. Please contribute today to ensure that BayNVC's Safer Communities Project can continue to make Nonviolent Communication classes and learning accessible to the hundreds of motivated and eager students in San Quentin and beyond.

“You guys have a magical program. A lot of men I know who are hotheads come out of it with an extraordinary amount of reason. I hear guys who would have been doing physical harm in the past now saying, ‘Why do you think you feel that way and what is it I can do?’ There’s a lot of negotiating going on.”
– Marvin Mutch, formerly incarcerated prison reform activist and co-founder of the Men’s Advisory Council, a prisoner advocacy group first established inside San Quentin

Photo credit: Zboralski (, “San-Quentin-Prison-4”,